teachers and careers advisers

at the university of manchester we recognise the crucial role that teachers and careers advisers play in ensuring school and college students have access to important information about higher education.

our outreach offer: 2020/21

we're using the current situation as an opportunity to review our outreach offer for both 2020/21 and the future years. university staff working remotely and school closures in 2019/20 have led to new, innovative ways of working for the team and we're keen to capture the benefits of these in our activities in the future. 

we're busy working to provide alternative ways for teachers, schools and pupils to engage with us, alongside our more traditional face-to-face interactions which we hope to return to in the future. 

please check the website for regular updates and ensure you are signed up to relevant mailing lists as we’ll be keeping everyone up to date via these. 

and if you haven’t already, have a look at our varied teacher resources which includes activities, presentations and handouts developed by our staff for you and your pupils. 

our tailored professional support services and engaging student activities for pupils of all ages will help make your job easier. 

we also welcome the opportunity to share best practice with colleagues in schools, colleges and other organisations, to ensure we are providing you and your students with useful information in the most relevant and effective way.